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Pastor Bourman's AF FAMILY BLOG: Getting ready for Sunday!

If you were put on a witness stand in a courtroom and had to testify to your faith, salvation, forgiveness, and who Jesus Christ is, what would you say? If you’re friend, your neighbor, your co-workers asked you to share your faith, what would you say?  How would you say it?  God will give us opportunities to share our faith - we want to be ready to witness and testify about him.  God urges us to take opportunities to share our faith - we want to be prepared to take advantage of those opportunities.

The amazing and gracious truth is this: We are a part of God’s plan of salvation to get his Gospel out to the ends of the earth.  We get to be his light in the world; we get to be the salt of the earth. We get to be God’s mouthpiece, God’s messengers, God’s fellow-workers!  We get to be part of the way in which God saves people!  How awesome!  How gracious!  God has shown us such grace!  He saved us by his Son.  He calls us to share that witness with all the world.

In this series, we will take a look at what the Bible says about being a witness for Jesus in our neighborhood, community, and world.

So, as you come to church this week, ask this: Why is witnessing hard for me? What is the thing that makes me most afraid to witness and share my faith?  This week, Jesus calms our fears even as he sends us out into battle.  We'll be studying Matthew 10:26-34

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